Frequently asked questions

Our FAQ answers many recurring questions asked by some of our users. If you're encountering any hurdles on the Restaurant Montreal site, you'll most probably find a solution to your problems below. If you can't find an answer there, do not hesitate to contact us !

Creating an account

Why register ?

  • If you're a restaurant owner, the restaurant owner registration will give you access to the Members area where you'll be invited to create a listing to promote your restaurant. You'll also be able to come back to modify and perfect your listing as often as you'd like.
  • If you're a restaurant lover, the user registration will let you save and share your favorite restaurants with us, leave reviews and enter our great contests.

Is it free ?

Yes! The registration process to access the Members area is simple, quick and free. If you're a restaurant owner, creating a listing to promote your restaurant is also free.

How to register ?

First, click on the Members link in the main menu; then, select the appropriate registration link and fill out the requested fields. It's that simple !

Creating a listing

The listing I created doesn't show up on the site ?

After creating a listing to promote your restaurant, don't forget to activate it by clicking on the Activate this listing button in the Manage listings sub-menu. Once activated, your listing will appear on the site and in our search results.

Manage restaurant listings

Managing my account

How can I access my account ?

Click on the Members link in the main menu; then enter your username and password. Please make sure to use the correct username and password; both of which are case sensitive. Also, verify that cookies are enabled in your Internet browser, as the site uses them to grant access to the Members area. Finally, some firewalls can prevent you from logging in.

I forgot my password; what can I do ?

Please use the Forgotten password link on the Members page to retrieve it by email.

How can I modify my profile and/or password ?

After logging into the Members area, click on the Manage profile link in the main sub-menu.


Why & how to register, is it free?

Activating a new listing.

Loging in, forgotten password.